What we do

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) is an independent statutory authority that administers legislation dealing with privacy and access to government held information in NSW.

The IPC administers the following NSW legislation:

As part of its function the IPC:

  • promotes and protects privacy and information access rights in NSW and provides information, advice, assistance and training for agencies and individuals on privacy and access matters
  • reviews the performance and decisions of agencies and investigates and conciliates complaints relating to public sector agencies, health service providers (both public and private) and some large organisations that deal with health information
  • provides feedback about the legislation and relevant developments in the law and technology.

How we can help you

  • We can help you understand and exercise your right to access government information and your right to privacy.
  • The Privacy Commissioner can help you understand privacy laws in NSW and give you information on how to protect your personal information.
  • The Information Commissioner can give you information and assistance with accessing government information in NSW.

Other resources:

Fact Sheet: About the IPC's functions

Last updated: February 2019