Checklist - GIPA compliance checklist for councils

Download the Checklist Checklist - GIPA Compliance Checklist for councils June 2014


Check your responsibilities and actions using this checklist to ensure that your council complies.

General Manager      
GIPA Act Requirement Section Actions / Questions Yes / No
General presumption in favour of disclosing government information unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure Sections 5-7

What is our awareness of the implications of the GIPA Act across all our staff?

Do we understand the public interest test?
Have we organised a staff briefing session?

Have we completed e-learning package?

Delegate authority for doing necessary tasks under the GIPA Act Sections 7-9

Who can make decisions about what information is going to be proactively release? For e.g. What information is going to be made publicly available on a regular basis? How is that going to happen?

Who is authorised to release information informally to particular people?
Who will deal with formal access applications?

Frontline staff  


Proactive and informal access to information

Sections 5-8

What sort of information do people commonly ask for? Where do you find that information? Can you just release it or direct them to it? Do you charge?

What do you think about or do before releasing information?
What sort of information is already available for release and how do you access it?

Who is authorized to release information informally?

What do we have to release?
When and why might we have to consult with other people prior to releasing information?

Communications and IT functions  


Post access information on website Sections 6 & 18 and the GIPA Reg

Do we have a website and if so do we need a new web link for our open access information?

How long will we keep this under review and updated? How long do we need to keep this information available? Is it presented in a clear and accessible way?

Does our website explain how to obtain information? For e.g. Direct the public to information already publically available, how to informally ask for information

Agency information guide Sections 20-22

What information do we currently tell people about ourselves: our structure, our functions and how our functions affect the public?

Do we have a list of our publications and how to access them?

What do we tell people about how to contact us, or give us some feedback?

Your policy documents Sections 23-24 and GIPA Reg Have we thought about which of our policies relate to the services we provide to the public and how we serve the public?  
Disclosure log Sections 25 & 26

Do we have a process for recording and reporting information about formal access applications into a disclosure log for posting on the web?

Annual reporting Section 125 and GIPA Reg

Are we using the GIPA case management and reporting tool available through the IPC to manage and report on formal access applications?

Do we have a process for reviewing at least every 12 months what information is in the public interest and made publically available?

Records Management  


Open access information Section 53

Can our information and records management systems or processes handle:

  1. The routine publication and management of ‘open access information’ to our website?
  2. Identifying and retrieving information that has been requested by the public, other organizations or the media (Informally or formally)
  3. Our reporting and disclosure requirements under the GIPA Act?

Are our information and records staff aware of what type of information is routinely requested and distributed to the public by our frontline staff? Should we be proactively releasing this information rather than being asked for it?

Can we still retrieve archived material if requested? How long will this take?

Searches for requested information are now reviewable. Do we have a system to record what searches have been undertaken?

Decision maker for formal access applications  


Access applications Part 4

Have we updated or adapted our precedent documents, or developed new precedent documents for handling formal requests for information?

Review of decisions Part 5

Do we have an established internal review process?

Finance and Procurement  


Register of contracts Div 5, Part 3, Sections

Who is responsible for assessing classes of contracts entered into by Council and arranging for necessary information to be published on your website?

What system is in place to maintain and archive this register?

Contracts with external providers and disclosure provisions Section 121

Do we have provisions in all contracts with the private sector (where a service is provided to the public on our behalf) to give us rights to access certain information they hold?