Since July 2012, Australians have had the opportunity to choose to register for their own personally controlled electronic health (ehealth) record.

An eHealth record is an electronic summary of someone’s health information. It contains key health information such as treatments, medications and allergies. The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act 2012 and the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Regulation 2012 create the legislative framework for the Australian Government’s personally controlled eHealth record system.

You can control your own eHealth record, including choosing to restrict which healthcare provider organisations can access it and what information is included. It is your choice to register for an eHealth record, and you can exercise as much or as little control over it as you choose.

You can find more information about eHealth and how to lodge a complaint about the eHealth system on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website.

For general health information complaints against an organisation that is not part of the NSW Public Sector, the Information and Privacy Commission can handle these matters. The complainant should lodge the complaint with the Privacy Commissioner and further information about privacy complaints can be found here