Zero Discrimination Day

Event date

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated globally on 1 March and is an initiative of UNAIDS. It is a chance to celebrate diversity, reject discrimination and promote tolerance.

In acknowledging Zero Discrimination Day, the IPC demonstrates its commitment to championing human rights, as well as promoting a workplace free from discrimination.

The UN’s key messages for 2016 are:

 On Zero Discrimination Day 2016, celebrate individuality and stand out. Embrace the diversity that exists around us, understand and accept people’s differences, open minds and respect and support one another.

  • Each person has a diverse set of talents and skills that can enrich societies and strengthen communities. Welcoming and embracing diversity in all its forms reinforces social cohesion and brings valuable benefits.
  • Zero Discrimination Day is an opportunity to join together against discrimination and celebrate everyone’s right to live a full and productive life with dignity.
  • Gender, nationality, age, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, language or any other status should never be a reason to discriminate.
  • Zero Discrimination Day is an opportunity to highlight how everyone can be part of the transformation and stand out for fair and just societies.

Read more on the UN webpage.