GIPA Access Applications to NSW Agency

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) does not have access to information held by other NSW agencies nor do we process GIPA access applications on behalf of agencies. Your application must be lodged with and any payments made to the agency that you are requesting information from.

If you wish to obtain a GIPA formal access application form from the agency that you are seeking information from, you should contact the agency at first instance to enquire whether they have a form specific to their agency. You can do this by contacting the agency by phone or going onto the agency’s homepage and entering search terms such as ‘GIPA’ or ‘information access’ into the website’s search function and following the links.

If the agency that you are seeking information from does not have a GIPA formal access application form, you can submit your request to that agency using this generic form:

Click here to download the generic GIPA Access Application form to a NSW Agency

Alternatively, you can submit a valid application that complies with the following requirements:

  • Put your application in writing
  • Say you are seeking information under the GIPA Act
  • Include your postal address
  • Explain clearly the information you are requesting
  • Pay the application fee of $30


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