Government Information (Public Access) Amendment Regulation 2014

An amendment to the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation was gazetted on Friday, 12 December 2014.

All NSW Government agencies will have to report annually on GIPA applications received that are then transferred to another agency, either at the agency's or the applicant's initiation. The reporting is only by the agency that first received the access application.

In summary, other amendments include: 

1. Updates the list of agencies, declared to be part of other agencies, for the purposes of the GIPA Act.

Note: Replaces Schedule 3 in the regulation.

2. Prescribes the specific information regarding overseas travel that is open access information of the Minister.  Details now considered to be open access are: 

    • the portfolio to which the travel relates,
    • the purpose and benefits to NSW,
    • destinations visited,
    • dates of travel,
    • number of persons accompanying the Minister (including advisors, agency staff and family members),
    • total cost of airfares,
    • total cost of accommodation,
    • total cost of other travel expenses including travel allowances.

Note: Replaces clause 5(1)(b).

3. Prescribes the standards, codes or other publications applied, adopted or incorporated by reference in any Act or rule (such as a regulation) administered by a Government Department to be open access of that Department

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