Open Data Advocate

With the launch of the NSW Open Data Policy in April 2016, the NSW Government appointed the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd as NSW Open Data Advocate. 

The Open Data Advocate’s role is to encourage the release of data by NSW government agencies in ways that are respectful of data sharing safeguards, through the provision of information, advice and assistance to agencies and the NSW public on access to government information – underpinned by compliance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). 

The role of the Open Data Advocate's public commitment is to prioritise three outcomes:

  • PRIORITY 1 – Guide agencies and citizens in promoting the availability of open access data (P1)
  • PRIORITY 2 – Contribute to the development of indicators and measures to better recognise the most effective Open Data practices (P2)
  • PRIORITY 3 – Promote Open Data as a cornerstone of Open Government (P3)

These outcomes are being delivered through a program that maximises proactive release of information through a number of mechanisms that include:

  • Agency Information Guides (AIGs)
  • providing guidance into Open Data, its meaning and application
  • conducting research to better understand community attitudes and evaluate the optimal legal, regulatory and policy setting to ensure that government data is open.

Learn more about the NSW Open Data Advocate’s work program.

What is Open Data?

Open Data is a strategic asset for government, providing the basis for powerful insights, invention and exploration that translate into better services for citizens and communities. Research shows that Open Data has a significant impact in four key areas: 

  • Improving government
  • Empowering citizens
  • Creating opportunity
  • Solving problems

Enabling environment to promote Open Data:

  1. Technical capability
  2. Governance regime (legislation and policy)
  3. Digitalisation

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