IPC Workplace Health and Safety Management System

The Work Health and Safety Management System includes policies and procedures for preventing injuries and illness, as far as possible, and for managing the prompt return to work of injured employees wherever practicable.  The system is driven by relevant legislation and regular monitoring and review to ensure effective WHS and IM processes. 

The IPC Management System is outlined under the following priorities 


  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Well For Life
  • Get Healthy Coaching (Health NSW)
  • Flexible Work Pracitices
  • Manager Helpline (EAP)


  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy
  • Consultation Arrangements
  • WHS Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Corporate Inductions (Staff & Visitors)
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Personal Safety Procedures
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Management Guidelines

Injury Management 

  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Provision of Reasonable Adjustments
  • Rest Breaks and Exercises
  • First Aid Plan
  • Injury Management Policy
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation Policy
  • Managing Non Work Related Injury or Illnesses Guidelines (DPC)
  • Return to Work (RTW) Program (DJ)