Inaugural NSW Information Commissioner to step down

Media release

Media release – Inaugural NSW Information Commissioner to step down (PDF, 20kb)

After three years as the inaugural NSW Information Commissioner, Deirdre O’Donnell has announced she will be leaving her role on Friday 24 May 2013.

“My primary reason for stepping down three years into my five-year term is to fulfil family responsibilities back in Victoria, my home State,” she said.

Ms O’Donnell’s focus during her time as Information Commissioner was on raising awareness of the new right to information regime under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, and on establishing the new Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) from 2011.

“This role has been both challenging and rewarding, and important foundational work has been done,” Ms O’Donnell said.

“However, many exciting opportunities remain for the Commission in building on these foundations. While I will miss the role and my team, I believe that the appointment of a new Commissioner provides the benefit of a fresh approach and new ideas to build on the work I have started.”

She particularly thanked Dr Elizabeth Coombs, Privacy Commissioner, and the staff of the IPC for their dedicated contribution to the work of the office.

“A key focus for the IPC has been the quality and helpfulness of the services we offer, and the clarity and openness of our communications with government agencies and the public,” she said.

“I am proud of what we have achieved, and am confident that this customer focus will continue.”

The Department of Attorney General and Justice has commenced action to recruit a new Commissioner.

For more information on the NSW Information and Privacy Commission, visit: or call 1800 472 679.