Privacy Awareness Week 2014 - Review your privacy practices

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Media release – Privacy Awareness Week 2014: Review your privacy practices (PDF, 58kb)

Privacy Awareness Week, an annual initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), will commence in the first week of May (4 – 10 May 2014).

As this important annual privacy event approaches we are reminding NSW public sector agencies and health service providers of their duties in protecting the privacy of the members of the NSW community.

Public sector agency staff need to be aware of the privacy laws that cover the NSW community, which are specific to NSW public sector agencies and health service providers.

Dr Elizabeth Coombs, NSW Privacy Commissioner, suggests that all staff need to be aware and responsible for the protection of people’s personal and health information.

“As an officer of the public sector, you should be asking: how, what, when and why your organisation is collecting personal information and further, how your agency is protecting that information,” said Dr Coombs.

To assist agencies to comply with NSW privacy laws, the IPC has developed the Privacy checklist for NSW public sector agency staff to use when reviewing their privacy practices and designing privacy into new processes.

“The checklist was developed to assist all NSW public sector agency staff to comply with NSW privacy laws. It considers important questions such as what personal or health information am I collecting and for what purpose will it be used, how will it be stored and what processes are in place for people to access their own information?” said Dr Coombs.

In addition to the checklist, the IPC has launched a range of new resources to support Privacy Awareness Week 2014 based around the theme “Mobilise your privacy, stay safe online”.

“Privacy Awareness Week is a great time to check that your agency is making privacy protection a top priority,” said Dr Coombs. “This includes when considering, developing and creating mobile apps. Our checklist – Mobile apps: know the risks, outlines what your agency needs to do when using an app to deliver services to the NSW public.”

The IPC encourages all organisations to use Privacy Awareness Week as an opportunity to raise awareness about privacy.

“I suggest activities such as writing an article for your intranet or staff newsletter, emailing your colleagues, displaying our posters, adding a message to your email signature or requesting one of our expert staff to speak at your event,” said Dr Coombs.

For more information about Privacy Awareness Week and what your agency can do, please visit and follow us on Twitter for current updates.

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