Text alternative for 'Future Focus and Priorities for 2016/17 - Priority 4'


IPC strategies:

  • Develop and publish guidance for the public on identified priorities
  • Develop and consult with agencies on regulatory guidance to improve the application of the public interest balancing test, including on third party objector matters
  • Promote a rigorous, comprehensive and citizen-centric approach to information management through sound leadership
  • Promote and support the use of the GIPA Tool to improve quality and timeliness of agency application management and annual reporting
  • Examine and respond to trends in information release rates and outcomes
  • Work with NCAT to monitor the trend of GIPA
  • Act matters, including dealing with applications involving the GIPA Act offence provisions.

Agency strategies:

  • Support agency decision-makers in utilising
  • IPC’s training/regulatory guidance resources
  • Promote opportunities to maintain a contemporary knowledge of the GIPA Act
  • Continuously improve the recording of data for GIPA Act annual reporting.