Text alternative for Future Focus and Priorities - Priority 4


IPC strategies:

• Work with agencies to investigate and respond to the drivers behind release rate trends, the reasons for the increase in the percentage of agencies that uphold their original decision following a section 93 GIPA Act recommendation, transfers of applications, and the use of the top three overriding public interest against disclosure (OPIAD) considerations.

• Develop regulatory guidance on the release of audio visual information under the GIPA Act.

• Lead work under Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan to develop uniform metrics to better measure and improve our understanding of the public’s use of rights under freedom of information laws.

• Examine opportunities for digitisation of the GIPA application process and online lodgement.

Agency strategies:

• At an executive level promote full engagement, training and a collaborative approach to investigating, analysing and responding to the issues identified in this report and applying an intelligence-led approach to meeting obligations under the GIPA Act and maximise achievement of Open Government.

• Work with the IPC to improve the recording of data for GIPA Act annual reporting, particularly in regard to recording of reviews.