Text alternative for Future Focus and Priorities: Priority 4


IPC strategies

  • Engage with agencies to understand the drivers behind the increases in invalid applications and facilitate the development of practices by agencies to decrease invalid applications
  • Engage with agencies dealing with applications from not-for-profit or community groups to understand the drivers behind their relatively low release rates
  • Continue to monitor the application of section 60(4), in particular within cluster arrangements, and provide guidance to ensure understanding and appropriate application of the provision
  • Promote monitoring of timeliness in agency decision making and collaborate with agencies to identify opportunities to enhance timeliness
  • Continue to monitor application of the extension of time provisions and update guidance for agencies to ensure compliance when considering extensions
  • Work with the Department of Justice and other stakeholders to implement any changes made to the GIPA Act flowing from the Statutory Review
  • Develop guidance to promote the public interest considerations in favour of disclosure to individuals seeking access to their out of home care information.

Agency strategies

  • Review available data and good practices to elevate timeliness
  • At an executive level promote engagement, training and a collaborative approach to investigating, analysing and responding to issues identified in this report and applying an intelligence-led approach to meeting obligations under the GIPA Act and maximise achievement of Open Government.