Your Say IPC consultation website

The IPC has launched a dedicated community engagement website Your Say IPC.Your say website currently offline. 

It is free to participate – just click here to register and have you say Note: This link will be live when IPC is running open consultations. This website will support the IPC in canvassing the NSW community’s thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences on a wide range of topics within the IPC's responsibility.


Consultation Open Closes Topic Participate
Agency Information Guide Practitioner Survey  29 November 2016 21 December 2016

The consultation is seeking feedback and input from practitioners on Agency Information Guides(AIG). The feedback will be used to inform the development of guidance materials and best practice models for AIGs and will ultimately inform the process of co-creating a NSW Charter for Public Participation.


Accessing Audio Visual Information under the GIPA Act  1 November 2016                  15 November 2016            

The consultation is seeking feedback and input to inform regulatory guidance to NSW public sector agencies and the NSW community about the rights and obligations to accessing audio/visual information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009


Public Participation 17 May 2016 31 July 2016*
*extended from 31 May 2016.
This consultation is designed to get community input on the best ways to engage with NSW government agencies on the formulation of agency policies and the exercise of agency functions.
This consultation closed on 31 July 2016.
CLOSED (currently offline)