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You have a legally enforceable right to access most government information and can expect that access to that information is open and available freely, unless there is an overriding public interest consideration against disclosure. 

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) has developed a number of resources to assist you in finding the right information about accessing government information.

Fact sheets Summary
Your rights to accessing government information in NSW In NSW, you have a legal right to access most government information under the GIPA Act.
How to access your personal information from government agencies You can ask for your personal information from a government agency using either the PPIP Act or the GIPA Act.
Third party consultation For individuals or organisations to explain why they are being consulted by a government agency and the rights under the GIPA Act.
Role of Right to Information Officers Right to Information Officers are government agency staff who have been specific authority to meet the day to day obligations under the GIPA Act.
GIPA Act fees and charges Fees and charges for formal applications for information.
Substantial and unreasonable diversion of agency resources

This fact sheet clarifies what may be considered an unreasonable and substantial diversion of resources and what review rights apply if an agency decides to refuse to deal with an access application.

Your review rights under the GIPA Act Your rights to request a review of a decision made by a government agency.
External review by the Information Commissioner How to apply for an external review with the NSW Information Commissioner.
Monitoring compliance with the GIPA Act Monitoring compliance of agencies under GIPA Act
How to make a complaint about us How you can make a complaint about us.
Legal professional privilege Understanding the test that agencies should apply when relying on this clause to refuse access to information applied for under the GIPA Act.
Open access information  A guide to open access information that agencies must make available. 

Internal reviews under the GIPA Act

If you disagree with an agency decision about an access application, you may be able to apply to the agency for an internal review of that decision.

Restraint orders under the GIPA Act

An agency, the Minister or the Information Commissioner may apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an order to restrain a person from making unmeritorious access applications.

Offences under the GIPA Act

The purpose of this fact sheet is to raise awareness of Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) rights and responsibilities, highlight the offence provisions and the circumstances and evidence that may enliven consideration of these offence provisions, and inform members of the public and agencies of the IPC’s role and procedures in dealing with allegations that offences under the GIPA Act have been committed.

Agency Information Guides and the public 

Provides information for members of the NSW public about what an AIG is, where an agency’s AIG can be found, and how to make a complaint about an AIG.

Reports Summary
Advancing the objects of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW): an international comparative evaluation of measures used to promote government information release (PDF 1.07MB) The report, commissioned through the University of Technology, Sydney provides an insight into the types of practical mechanisms utilised in selected international jurisdictions to promote open government through information sharing and citizen engagement.

Forms Summary
Access Application Form to agencies (Word)

Form to use when making a formal application for government information to a NSW agency.

Access Application Form for IPC corporate information (Word) Form to use when making a formal application for government information to the IPC.

Review and complaints form  (Webform)

Form for review of a decision or making a complaint against an agency.
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You have a right to access most government information and an expectation that access to that information is transparent and open and available freely.