Right to Know Week NSW 2019


Right to Know Week NSW 2019


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Access to Information: Leaving no one behind in the digital age


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About Right to Know Week 

Right to Know Week NSW is a campaign that marks the annual Right to Know Day, celebrated internationally on 28 September. Right to Know Day is a day on which citizens and governments from around the world can support this fundamental human right to access information and promote open, transparent government.

The objective of Right to Know Week NSW is to raise awareness of a person’s right to government held information and encourage citizens to take an active interest in their right to access information. This year we will be hosting events supporting our champions to help support the message of the campaign. 

The 2019 theme is Access to Information: Leaving no one behind in the digital age.  The focus is on the ways accessing government information has not only changed, but become more efficient with the introduction of better digital technologies.  As more and more information is digitised and becoming available to the public, public sector agencies need to continue to promote proactive and open access to information.

Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Tydd

From the Information Commissioner

Ms Elizabeth Tydd


The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) is pleased to be driving the Right to Know Week initiative to raise awareness in our community that people have a legal enforceable right to access government information.

I welcome the opportunity to spread the message of advancing a system of responsible and representative government that is open, accountable, fair and effective. These are the key objects of the GIPA Act which provides citizens with the right to access most government information held by government agencies, state-owned corporations, local councils, ministers and their staff, and universities.

I am delighted to be leading this year’s Right to Know Week NSW campaign in collaboration with our Champions, including NSW public sector agencies, state-owned corporations, universities and councils. I hope you will join us and get involved.

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What's on?

RTK Panel

Public Sector Leaders' 

What's in the public interest - accountability and
access to information in the digital age

Purpose: to explore the importance of the right to know in digital service delivery and automated government decision making.
Date:  Wednesday 2 October 2019
Time: 8.45am - 10.00am
Location: Sydney CBD
Audience: Senior Public Sector Leaders including Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries, CEOs, senior representatives from universities, local councils and ministerial offices – those are within the jurisdiction of the IPC under the GIPA Act.  

Increasingly as government information is held in digital form, decision making and services are being automated. How is the public interest applied in the digital age and what factors should be considered in upholding the public interest?

This event is by invitation only. For enquiries please contact ccadigital@ipc.nsw.gov.au

RTK Workshop

Information Access Practitioner Workshop

Substantial & unreasonable diversion of resources - what are the requirements to search, assist and decide.

Purpose: to assist GIPA officers in: undertaking searches; understanding the new requirements of sections 60 (3A) and (3B) of GIPA Act; making sound decisions and fulfilling their responsibilities under the GIPA Act.
Date:  Wednesday 2 October 2019
Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm
Location: The Mint, Macquarie St, Sydney
Audience: NSW public sector agency staff, management and information access (GIPA) officers and practitioners.

Under s60 of the GIPA Act, applications that are deemed to be an unreasonable and substantial diversion of resources are refused. This workshop will seek to inform officers and practitioners in reducing their search times to assist with application and to apply the new requirements under sections 60(3A) and (3B) of the GIPA Act.

This event is by invitation only. For enquiries please contact ccadigital@ipc.nsw.gov.au

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Once you have registered your agency to become a RTKW Champion we will send you your official RTKW NSW 2019 Champion Pack which further explains the benefits of becoming a Champion and includes suggested content including news articles, blog posts, social media and more! All Champions are free to use the downloadable and ready-to-print resources below, including posters, web and social banners to assist you with promoting your agency's commitment to promoting citizens right to access government information.

To register your agency as a Champion click here or email us at info@ipc.nsw.gov.au
We are no longer accepting Champion registrations for 2019.

Download our Champion Resources below:

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2019 Champion Program

Right to Know Week (RTK) is a great opportunity to promote citizens’ right to access government information in NSW.  We encourage all NSW public sector agencies to get involved and become a RTK Champion! Each year, our Champions help us to spread the RTK message as well as encourage their own agency and work colleagues to get involved and promote citizen rights. 

This year, the IPC is offering a RTK NSW 2019 t-shirt to all agencies who register as a RTK Champion (one t-shirt per agency) – which can be worn to promote Right to Know Week.

Your agency will also receive a pack full of resources and collateral to make promoting the campaign easy. You will also be acknowledged as a Champion on our RTK NSW web page (see below) and via the IPC's social media where possible. 

Downloadable and ready-to-print resources will be available soon in the above section for all Champions to use including posters, banners, social media, sample copy and more to assist you with promoting the campaign.

To register your agency as a Champion and receive the official RTK NSW 2019 Champion Pack click here or email us at ipcinfo@ipc.nsw.gov.au
We are no longer accepting registrations for 2019.

The IPC would like to thank all of our RTK NSW 2019 Champions:

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