CHAMPION PACK Right to Know Week 2017


Right to Know Day (RTK) is held annually on 28 September across Australia and throughout the world.

The event began in 2002 when countries around the world created a network of Freedom of Information Advocates (FOIA Network) and agreed to collaborate in promoting individuals’ right of access to information and open, transparent government. The FOIA Network proposed that 28 September be nominated as international “Right to Know Day“ in order to symbolise the global movement for promoting the right to information.

This year, NSW marks this occasion as Right to Know Week – from 25 September to 1 October – to raise awareness of the right to access government information and to spread the message of Open Government.


Open Government

“I believe Open Government to be a tangible and consistent commitment by government to increase access to information, engage with citizens and be accountable.”
Elizabeth Tydd, NSW Information Commissioner/CEO IPC and NSW Open Data Advocate

The 2017 themes

This year the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) is encouraging all public sector agencies and organisations to spread the message of open, transparent and responsive government by getting involved as an RTK Champion.

The campaign is a great opportunity to highlight your organisation’s commitment to the right to information and the principles of open government.

Becoming an RTK Champion is EASY and it’s FREE.

Right to Know Week encourages your organisation to proactively release information and make it publicly available, as well as engage with the community in order to understand their needs and expectations.

This year’s key messages are:


What does being a Champion involve?

Being a Right to Know ‘Champion’ means:

Supporting Right to Know Week and open government messages during the campaign in the manner best suited to your organisation. There is no financial or legal contract.

Suggested RTK Champion activities:

  • Sending messages to staff and stakeholders, sharing on social media 
  • Sharing Right to Know and Open Government messages with staff and stakeholders through your website, intranet and other channels during the RTK Week 2017 campaign
  • Promoting your commitment to the principles of open government during 
  • the campaign
  • Reminding staff of their obligations under the Government Information 
  • (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) 
  • Informing the IPC of any activities conducted during Right to Know Week 2017.

Champion benefits




  • We will display your logo on the IPC’s dedicated RTK Week 2017 web page 
  • We will acknowledge you on the IPC’s official Twitter account wherever possible
  • We will acknowledge you in media releases and editorial
  • Your agency will receive a letter of thanks from the Information Commissioner.

PLUS you will:

  • Have access to free resources to help you spread the messages (see page 8)
  • Build stakeholder trust and confidence in your organisation’s commitment to proactively releasing information leading to improved service delivery 
  • Increase citizen awareness of their rights to access information which may lead to a decrease in access applications.


Champion resources

The IPC will provide the RTK Champions with a range of resources for external
and internal communications, including:

  • RTK logo and RTK Champion logo (various formats)
  • RTK e-Banner (suitable for online use)
  • Posters (various formats)
  • Fact sheets (for distribution via print or online channels)
  • e-Learning module on the IPC e-Learning portal (online)
  • Content for:
  • websites and intranets 
  • emails 
  • newsletters
  • social media 
  • media release (to be provided in Sept 2017)

Suggestions for what to do

REMEMBER: You decide the level of activity best suited to your organisation. 

RTK logo and RTK Champion logo

  • Display on your website and/or on any printed material during your Right to Know Week activities.

RTK e-Banner

  • Display on your website or use as newsletter or email header.


  • Print and display in your offices, public notice boards and at any events you may hold during Right to Know Week 2017.

RTK videographic

  • Display the RTK videographic on your intranet to inspire staff about the successes of the GIPA Act.

Fact sheets

  • Upload/link to the facts sheets provided on the IPC RTK Week webpage. 
  • Consider printing some if you have a public enquiry counter/notice board.

e-Learning module on the IPC e-Learning portal

  • Encourage staff to complete the RTK Week e-learning module on the IPC e-learning portal. It is free!

Content for website

  • Publish RTK Week news items/media releases on your website and share them via your events and other communications channels.

Join the discussion on social media

  • Post your own RTK messages using the official Right to Know Week hashtag #RTK2017, and #opengov

How we will communicate

  • IPC Twitter
  • IPC LinkedIn
  • IPC YouTube
  • Website
  • Practitioner’s Network
  • Champion announcements
  • Media