Checklist - Agency Contract Registers

Read the introduction to the document below or download the whole version here Self-assessment checklist for agencies - Agency Contract Registers, updated May 2020

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act)[1] requires that contract information is made publicly available by the agency through a contract register. Contract registers increase government transparency and can lead to improved performance of outsourced services, as well as increased efficiency and value for money.

This self-assessment checklist is a practical tool for an agency to ensure its published contract register is presented in compliance with the GIPA Act. It reflects the requirements of the GIPA Act and provides additional guidance. The checklist does not prescribe the structure and format that a contract register must follow. For practical guidance on contract registers and the GIPA Act, please see the IPC’s e-learning portal.

A guide to completing the self-assessment
  • The focus is on the Contracts Register not individual contracts
  • Mandatory practice questions relate to the mandatory elements of the GIPA Act and agencies are strongly encouraged to complete them
  • Recommended practice questions in the checklist have been included to assist and guide an agency on how they may satisfy or demonstrate the requirements under the GIPA Act
  • Where an agency responds in part, or in the negative, it is suggested that the comments section is completed with the information required to assist the agency to take the necessary steps to ensure the published register is compliant with the GIPA Act.

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[1] Part 3 Division 5 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

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