Connect, Reflect, Protect this Safer Internet Day 6 February 2024

The IPC supports Safer Internet Day this 6 February 2024. Safer Internet Day raises awareness about online safety for people of all ages and is celebrated in 170 countries. This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day is Connect. Reflect. Protect.

It has never been more important to promote the safe use of technology and help Australians have safer, more positive experiences online.

As technology is constantly advancing, while there are many benefits, individuals are often exposed to risks with real-world impacts.

Australians are encouraged to Connect. Reflect. Protect themselves online.

Connect safely by keeping apps and devices secure and reviewing your privacy settings regularly. 

Reflect on how your actions online may affect others or your safety. 

Protect yourself and others by visiting to find out how to stay safe online and report online abuse.

The IPC has a range of community resources available to assist parents and carers, teens, kids and teachers in protecting privacy and Play It Fair Online.

Learn more about Safer Internet Day by visiting the eSafety Commissioner’s website.

Protect your privacy

If you believe a NSW public sector agency or organisation has misused your personal information you can:

  1. Lodge an application for an internal review with the organisation (within six months).
  2. Complain to the NSW Privacy Commissioner.

Learn more by about your privacy rights in our fact sheet.

Raise your voice about online abuse

Online abuse should always be reported to the relevant platforms and, depending on the level of harm, you can also report to the eSafety Commissioner or the police.