Direction on Disclosures of Information by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in connection with nominations for Honours and Awards

This direction has expired but is posted for the information of other agencies that may need a temporary direction to cover honours citations.

This is a temporary direction to expedite proposed nominations for honours and awards. A more permanent general arrangement will be made after an appropriate consultation.

I, Chris Puplick, Privacy Commissioner, pursuant to my power under section 41 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, hereby make the following Direction

1. The National Parks and Wildlife Service may:

a) disclose personal information to the Honours Secretariat of the Office of the Governor General as part of a nomination of an individual for membership of the Order of Australia or for a bravery award; and b) disclose personal information to the Honours Secretariat where this is requested to allow the Honours Secretariat to investigate the background of a nominated individual or the circumstances which give rise to a nomination under subparagraph (a).

2. This Direction has effect from 25 January 2002 to 31 May 2002.

Signed by me on this 24th day of January 2002

Chris Puplick
Privacy Commissioner


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