Guide to reporting on agency GIPA operations

Download the document here: Guide to reporting on agency GIPA operations

Overview of reporting requirements


  • All agencies subject to the GIPA Act must report annually information and data on their obligations under the GIPA Act.
  • The agencies must report on information and data required by Clause 8 of the GIPA Regulation, including Tables A to I in Schedule 2 of the GIPA Regulation.
  • All agencies should use the IPC GIPA Tool to submit their information and data.
  • Agencies can register users for the IPC GIPA Tool at:
  • Agencies must submit information and data to the IPC by 8 December 2023.
  • All agencies must conduct a review of information release programs and indicate this in response to the question on clause 8(a).
  • Business units within agencies (e.g. Local Health Districts) who use the GIPA Tool to manage their GIPA applications but report their annual GIPA data via a centralised unit within their Department or Cluster should not use the GIPA Tool to submit their data to the IPC. Instead, contact your department/cluster right to information unit.

This guide is designed to assist agencies to comply with their reporting obligations under section 125 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) and Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018 (GIPA Regulation). It describes:

  • who must report
  • what data is reported
  • how to submit data through the IPC GIPA Tool, and
  • the requirements to note when preparing GIPA reporting data.

Read the full document here: Guide to reporting on agency GIPA operations

For more information:

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