IPC First Aid Policy

First aid policy (PDF, 252kb)

The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) is committed to providing timely and appropriate first aid care to employees and visitors at the IPC.

 The IPC will achieve this by:

  • effective risk management to minimise workplace injury, and
  • providing first aid resources, based on the occupational health and safety legislation, to minimise the effects of any injuries or illness in the workplace.

First aid is emergency treatment administered to an injured or ill person before professional medical care is available. First aid treatment can maintain life, ease pain and discomfort and prevent deterioration of a person’s condition until professional medical services arrive.

As required by legislation, the IPC has established first aid facilities and procedures for the office. The first aid plan and procedures at the IPC have been based on risk management principles and provide a framework for effective decision-making by employees when dealing with workplace injuries or illness. 

The IPC appoints two staff members as senior first aid officers to provide appropriate first aid coverage for the IPC. First aid officers at the IPC have delegated authority under this policy to manage the administration of first aid for the office. They also have delegated authority to make any directions necessary to protect the health of any injured or ill person at the IPC prior to transfer to professional medical services. A first aid allowance is payable to delegated first aid officers.

The IPC trains further first aid officers to fill in when the delegated first aid officers are on leave, or otherwise unavailable. The IPC also encourages its employees to consider undertaking first aid training as part of their development, subject to the agreement and support of their supervisor.

Employees also play a significant role by maintaining knowledge and understanding of the first aid plan and procedures, and supporting first aid officers if required. 

The IPC is committed to effectively managing first aid to promote the health and safety of all employees and visitors at the IPC. For further information and guidance, please see the first aid plan.

View First aid policy signed copy. 

13 May 2015