IPC Speaking Engagement Policy

Read the document below or download it here IPC Speaking Engagement Policy, updated March 2023

1. Introduction

1.1 The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) and its Commissioners and Directors are invited to speak at a variety of events and engage at senior levels. It is important to note that the Commissioners and Directors will be unable to accept all requests and are required to prioritise requests that best align with the regulatory functions of the IPC, the IPC Strategic Plan and its objectives.

1.2 This Policy and the IPC Speaking Engagement Request Form are intended for use for external and public-facing engagements only. Internal engagements, such as presentations to NSW government clusters and agency staff, are to be handled separately. 

2. Requests for engagement

2.1 All requests made to the IPC must be in writing and provide appropriate details of the event. The IPC has a Speaking Engagement Request Form which outlines the required information that will need to be supplied. This form is to be completed with the initial request for engagement.

2.2 Each request will be assessed by the IPC for suitability before being presented to the requested Commissioner(s) or director(s) for review and acceptance.

2.3 Requests should be made well ahead of time to ensure availability and commitment by IPC spokespersons.

2.4 The IPC will respond in writing which will include the decision to either accept, decline or request further information. If the speaking engagement is accepted the engagement is to be included in the Speaking Engagement Register.

3. Filming, photographing and presentation slides

3.1 Should an event organiser wish to film or photograph any IPC representative, at any stage of the event including when IPC spokespeople are not presenting, this must be communicated ahead of time and appropriate release forms supplied.

3.2 The IPC requests that any photographs or video of IPC representatives be supplied to the IPC as soon as they become available.

3.3 The IPC also requests that the organisers advise the IPC about pre and post promotion of the event, for example via social media, and the content that will be shared with the IPC.

3.4 The IPC retains the right to distribute, supply, upload or otherwise make available any presentation slides or speech notes.            

3.5 Arrangements between the event organiser and the IPC may be made in advance regarding the event organisers distribution, supply or upload of presentation slides or speech notes. In the absence of prior arrangements any copies of presentation slides or speech notes sent to event organisers are for the purposes of the displaying the content at the event only and should be treated as confidential and not supplied or distributed to any third party.

3.6 At the conclusion of the event, in the absence of any other arrangement, it is requested that any files sent to the organisers be permanently deleted.