Joint statement by Privacy Authorities Australia


Make privacy a priority in 2021

Privacy regulators from across Australia have issued a joint statement to mark the start of Privacy Awareness Week 2021 (3 to 9 May):

Privacy Awareness Week recognises the essential value of personal information:  to our economy and digital environment, to the delivery of vital services, and in our daily lives.

Its importance has been highlighted through the COVID-19 pandemic, as the speed and success of public health responses depended on public confidence in the use of personal information.

As we strengthen our efforts to overcome the impacts of the pandemic, personal information will be a key factor in our recovery.

For Privacy Awareness Week, privacy authorities from around Australia are joining together to call on government agencies, business and the community to Make privacy a priority in 2021 and beyond.

In our increasingly connected world, securing personal information is critical to protecting privacy, maintaining data flows and preventing harm.

Organisations and agencies entrusted with personal information need to build in privacy protections to their systems and services from the ground up. A privacy-by-design approach means assessing privacy issues early and minimising risks from the outset.

Individuals must also play their part and take steps to protect their personal information, including securing accounts and devices and being aware of what and where they share.

As privacy authorities, we will continue to work together to uphold privacy protections and promote awareness of rights and responsibilities.

By prioritising privacy, we can all contribute to a stronger network of protections for information online and offline, and increase confidence in personal information handling.


Angelene Falk
Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner

Sven Bluemmel
Information Commissioner, Victoria

Philip Green
Privacy Commissioner, Queensland

Simon Froude
Director, State Records, Privacy Committee of South Australia

Samantha Gavel
Privacy Commissioner, New South Wales

Rachael Rangihaeata
Information Commissioner, Queensland

Richard Connock
Ombudsman, Tasmania

Peter Shoyer
Information Commissioner, Northern Territory



Privacy Awareness Week is an annual event that highlights the importance of protecting personal information and helps government agencies, organisations, and the public understand privacy rights and responsibilities.

Privacy Authorities Australia members are marking Privacy Awareness Week 2021 from Monday 3 May to Sunday 9 May.

The event is a joint initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, which has adopted the campaign theme Make privacy a priority for 2021.

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About the Information and Privacy Commission:

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) is an independent statutory authority that administers New South Wales’ legislation dealing with privacy and access to government information. The IPC supports the Information Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner in fulfilling their legislative responsibilities and functions and to ensure individuals and agencies can access consistent information, guidance and coordinated training about information access and privacy matters.

About the NSW Privacy Commissioner

Samantha Gavel was appointed as NSW Privacy Commissioner on 4 September 2017. Her role is to promote public awareness and understanding of privacy rights in NSW, as well as provide information, support, advice and assistance to agencies and the general public.

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