NSW Government GIPA dashboard available online for the first time

Today the Information and Privacy Commission NSW launched a public dashboard that will enable government agencies and the public to quickly and easily access agency and sector performance data for the first time.

Ms Elizabeth Tydd, NSW Information Commissioner, CEO of the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) and NSW Open Data Advocate, said that by making this data more accessible, the public and agencies can see how the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 is working against the eight key performance measures reported upon each year since 2014.

"The data presented is the information reported by agencies over the last seven years on their GIPA Act activities in their annual reports and in the annual report on the operation of the GIPA Act. Collectively this represents reports from over 230 agencies across NSW. For the first time, this information is now available online in an interactive, easily accessed format," she said.

"Using improved data visualisation tools, the dashboard provides clear insights into the performance of GIPA Act functions by sectors and agencies and also recognises the differing internal and external factors that impact the operationalisation of the GIPA Act and the outcomes of information access decisions by agencies. It also allows agencies to more closely examine their practices to ensure that they align with the requirements of the GIPA Act," Ms Tydd said.

"Agencies are encouraged to provide further insights through the inclusion of explanatory comments that may be presented in conjunction with the dashboard. That way even more contextual information can be provided to better inform citizens.

"Sector performance also enables regulated sectors to view their performance against the sector average, and facilitate further examination of practices that may be effective in promoting Open Government under the GIPA Act."

The IPC developed the GIPA dashboard in consultation with regulated agencies to ensure the data was well understood prior to its release.

 This approach facilitates: 

  • improved visibility of performance
  • streamlined ability for agencies to compare compliance and collaborate with each other
  • the potential for improved efficiencies through peer engagement and information sharing.

"The dashboard represents the IPC's ongoing commitment to Open Data and is part of the IPC's program of proactively releasing government information," Ms Tydd said.

The dashboard is available on the IPC website. For enquiries regarding the underlying agency data, please contact the relevant agency.


For further information, please contact:

IPC media team on 0435 961 691 or email communications@ipc.nsw.gov.au