NSW Information Commissioner champions the message of Open Data during Right to Know Week

Acting NSW Information Commissioner and Open Data Advocate Samara Dobbins, today launched a new resource to assist the community in understanding ‘open data’ and what it means to them.

“Part of the role of the NSW Open Data Advocate is to provide information for the community about Open Data – what it is, how it can be accessed, used, re-used and shared. Government is the custodian of a huge amount of data, and this is a fantastic asset to our state and community,” said Ms Dobbins.

The infographic Open Data: Opening our World released today, provides users with a simple explanation of Open Data, how it can be used and the benefits derived from its use. It also explains some of the processes available for ensuring data is eligible to be made ‘open’.

Click here to view the Open Data: Opening our World infographic featuring case studies and examples of how Open Data has been used to enhance the way we live and work.

Earlier this year the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) commissioned research into community awareness and attitudes towards accessing government information.

The response showed that:

  • 89 per cent of respondents believe having the right to access government information is important; and
  • more than 75 per cent of respondents agreed that de-identified information should be used to inform the planning and delivery of government services, and enhance collaboration with the public in the development of government agencies policies.

“Open Data can, at times, be somewhat of a mystery to many people. This research shows us the public do value government-held information, and the benefits that can be derived from opening data are enormous,” Ms Dobbins said.

Ms Dobbins anticipates that the release of the infographic as an educative tool will empower citizens to better understand what Open Data is and how it can be used to improve government service delivery and decision-making.

“Better decisions, better services and better customer experiences are already being achieved from opening data to improve the way we live, work and find solutions,” said Ms Dobbins.

The Open Data: Opening our World infographic was developed by the IPC in consultation with the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.