Australia's Information Commissioners commend citizens' Right to Know on 28 September

This year, Australia’s State and Commonwealth Information Commissioners have joined together to promote their commitment to the importance of Open Government and the right to access government-held information and data on International Right to Know Day, 28 September 2016.

The following statement can be attributed to the listed State and Commonwealth independent statutory officers:

The right to information and our ongoing commitment to Open Government is a cornerstone of modern democratic society.

Right to Know Day is an opportunity to encourage the public sector and the community at large to think about exploring the possibilities of Open Government. When done well it increases access to information and data which results in better and more responsive services to the community, as well as increased accountability and the promotion of public participation in government decision-making.

We are pleased to come together to promote the importance of this message and we invite all members of the Australian community to join us in celebrating Right to Know Day on 28 September 2016.

Co-signed by:

Sven Bluemmel, Western Australian Information Commissioner

Richard Connock, Tasmania’s Ombudsman

Michael Ison, Acting Victorian Freedom of Information Commissioner

Timothy Pilgrim, PSM, Acting Australian Information Commissioner

Rachael Rangihaeata, Queensland Information Commissioner

Elizabeth Tydd, NSW Information Commissioner and Open Data Advocate

SOLOMON LECTURE: This year, Queensland’s annual Solomon Lecture will be the centrepiece of the Right to Know campaign. The Lecture will be live-streamed on Right to Know Day, 28 September 2016. The lecture topic is “Collaboration in Place: The central role of information and data in securing Queensland’s future prosperity”, presented by Professor Anne Tiernan, Director of the Policy Innovation Hub at Griffith University.

Watch the event live online (9am) @ or register to be in the audience at the State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, Southbank @

Download the Right to Know 2016 Joint Media Statement PDF