Championing Open Government: Right to Know Week 2017 wrap up

In 2017, NSW marked Right to Know Week from 25 September to 1 October.

This year’s theme was ‘Right to Information: Open and accountable government and the media’s role’, where:

    • Open government builds community trust
    • Government transparency strengthens community participation and our democracy
    • Community access to government-held information keeps us accountable and transparent.

This means that:

    • I have a right to access government information
    • I have a responsibility to release government information
    • Communities have the right to know. Governments have a responsibility to share.

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW took the opportunity to spread the message of individual’s right of access to government information and open, transparent governance through a number of key initiatives:

The IPC also announced an upcoming new resource soon to be available – an e-learning module on Open Data that will offer a great education tool on how to make data open and accessible to your stakeholders and the community, in collaboration with the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.