Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) launches new GIPA Tool

NSW Information Commissioner and CEO of the IPC Elizabeth Tydd has launched the much anticipated new IPC GIPA Tool.

A free cloud based and fully supported internet based application, the IPC GIPA Tool will assist all agencies and organisations regulated by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) to comply with the legislation when processing and reporting on government information access applications.

“Organisations will be able to access the GIPA Tool at no cost from any location with internet connectivity, while ensuring that all information stored within the system is secure and meets the digital information security requirements set by the NSW Government’s Information Security Management Systems Policy,” said Ms Tydd.

“As an established single, supported database the new GIPA Tool offers improved data collection. I strongly encourage all agencies and organisations to use the GIPA Tool to more efficiently report on GIPA activities as required under section 125 the GIPA Act. This will also improve the IPC’s ability to report on the operation of the Act to Parliament in a timely and cost effective manner.”

Presenting similarly to the existing tool, the new IPC GIPA Tool provides “like-for-like” functionality that enables ease of transition to the new application for existing users, and incorporates new and improved reporting mechanisms.

Offering a faster, efficient and more reliable service, the new IPC GIPA Tool is hosted by the Department of Justice and managed by the IPC. It has improved functionality including:

  • the provision of an “edit” function to enable update and amendments to applications
  • a new reporting module and facility to comply with annual GIPA reporting requirements under section 125 of the Act
  • a more intuitive flow – including helpful hover and pop-up text
  • error alerts for incomplete or inaccurate data entry
  • a solution that is entirely fit for purpose.

For those who were users of the existing GIPA Tool (managed by Roads and Maritime Services), please note that the new IPC GIPA Tool must be used for all new cases lodged from 1 July 2015. However, the IPC GIPA Tool will run in tandem with the existing RMS tool until 30 September 2015, to ensure agencies and organisations have an opportunity to transition all existing open cases across to the new system.

“The new IPC GIPA Tool which has been developed to provide an enhanced service delivery to citizens via contemporary technology and improved functionality, and to assist information management practitioners in the important work in providing access to government information to the community,” said Ms Tydd.

To register for login credentials for the new IPC GIPA Tool, please visit the IPC GIPA Tool web page and access to a user’s manual to assist you in getting the most out of your experience of the new IPC GIPA Tool.

For further information please contact the IPC to speak to the IPC’s GIPA Tool project manager, Peter Donnelly on 1800 472 679 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) or email

Click here to view the IPC GIPA Tool. 

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