Information Awareness Month (IAM) 2017

Information Awareness Month (IAM) is an annual collaborative event that promotes the important role that information plays in all aspects of our day-to-day lives. It is celebrated around Australia during the month of May.

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW’s (IPC) theme for IAM 2017 is Open Government, Good Governance – the foundations for the information professional.

“Public servants have a crucial role to play in ensuring that government is transparent, its services are accessible, and that it engages effectively with citizens,” said Elizabeth Tydd, the NSW Information Commissioner and NSW Open Data Advocate.

“Open Government goes hand-in-hand with Good Governance, embedding good information practices and policies in an organisation’s operations, and this is the take-home message from this year’s Information Awareness Month.”

The IPC will be celebrating IAM with a range of activities, including several presentations by Ms Tydd.

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