The IPC celebrates inclusion, compassion, and peace this Zero Discrimination Day

The IPC supports Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March 2024

Zero Discrimination Day celebrates the right of everyone to live a full and productive life and live it with dignity. It is a movement for change that highlights how people can become informed and promote inclusion, compassion, to end all forms of discrimination.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Zero Discrimination Day and UNAIDS is advocating the urgent need to progress towards ending AIDS as a public threat by 2030. On this day and throughout the month of March, events, activities and workshops are held as a call to action to promote everyone’s health and protect everyone’s rights.

The IPC is committed to promoting a workplace free from discrimination and supports the rights of individuals through our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

To find out more about Zero Discrimination Day and how you can get involved, visit UNAIDS website: