The IPC celebrates Multicultural March 2021


Multicultural March celebrates community harmony and social cohesion in New South Wales, one of the most culturally diverse states in the world. The people of New South Wales come from more than 307 ancestries, speak 215 languages and dialects, and follow 148 different religious beliefs.

Over the past 70 years more than 7.5 million migrants have made Australia home. An integrated multicultural Australia is an essential part of our national identity. The cultural and religious traditions introduced to Australia by migrants, as well our existing traditions, collectively benefit our nation.

In Multicultural March, events across the NSW are supported by the NSW Government in show of its determination to foster a society where everyone can make a commitment to our community and economy.

Find out about all events taking place in communities across NSW here.

The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) importantly upholds citizens’ rights to access government information and privacy, promoting equality and inclusion for all people in NSW. The IPC proudly and actively seeks to maintain a diverse workplace and improve the way we communicate with and deliver services to the diverse communities of NSW. The IPC currently has information access and privacy fact sheets that have been translated into 10 languages, to assist all citizens in NSW.

View our translated information access fact sheets here and privacy fact sheets here.

Multicultural March is supported through the IPC’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan which is available on the IPC’s website.