IPC delivers Annual Report 2018/19 to NSW Parliament

The IPC has released its Annual Report 2018/19 which documents our work and achievements during the reporting period.

View Media Release 28 October 2019.

View the IPC Annual Report 2018/19 here.

The IPC continued to support NSW public sector agencies in addressing contemporary information governance challenges to promote information access and privacy respectful digital services that are designed to deliver more effective and timely outcomes for the public.

2018/19 highlights include:

  • improving community and agency understanding of privacy and information access rights in NSW with 26 new publications released
  • realising the community’s information access and privacy rights with the finalisation of 750 reviews and complaints, 28% more than in 2017/18
  • supporting the public by dealing with 2633 email and phone enquiries from the public and providing information - receiving 495,545 page views of its website, a 14% increase from 2017/18
  • supporting public sector compliance by agencies by providing 437 advices to agencies
  • releasing the Information Commissioner’s Report on the Operation of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2019, 2017-2018.