The IPC supports Open Data Week 2023


The IPC is proud to celebrate Open Data Week 2023

Open Data Week celebrates the benefits of open data and encourages open data policies in government, business and society. 

Open data means that any information stored digitally that an organisation holds should be made freely available. An open data strategy can be adopted by any organisation, whether government or non-government.

The IPC celebrates open data because responsibly sharing data enriches the way we live through better decisions, better services and better customer experiences. Open data empowers citizens to gain new insights that improve how we live, work and solve problems.

Elizabeth Tydd, IPC CEO and NSW Information Commissioner, is also the NSW Open Data Advocate. Ms Tydd provides advice to Government agencies regarding non-personal data that can be presented as open data and released to the public. Ms Tydd is also involved in the Open Government Partnership in Australia, which develops National Action Plans to help make the government more transparent, accountable and publicly engaged. 

To learn more about open data this Open Data Week, read the IPC's Open Data Information Access Guideline or view the IPC's Open Data: Opening our World Infographic.

Further, you can search open data sets from the NSW State Government by visiting data.nsw