Now open – Open Government Partnership consultation survey

Australia’s Open Government Forum is developing Australia’s third national action plan. The plan will set out commitments for the government to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

The Attorney-General’s Office have launched a survey to hear views from the public and government on:

  • public participation and engagement
  • government and corporate sector integrity
  • strengthening democratic processes
  • our co-creation process.

The survey is now live and can be accessed through their consultation hub.

The plan will be developed in consultation with civil society and government to promote good governance, clear and transparent decision-making, and policies that improve service delivery foster trust. Public consultation is a key tenet of the Open Government Partnership.

This is your chance to start shaping Australia’s Open Government priorities for the future, so we encourage you to tell the OGP what you think.

Consultation will close Sunday 3 September 2023.