NSW Privacy Commissioner launches new guidance for public sector agencies on GDPR

With the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in a matter of weeks on 25 May, NSW Privacy Commissioner Samantha Gavel today released guidance for NSW public sector agencies on this matter.

“Although a European privacy law, the GDPR is designed to have extra-territorial reach. The GDPR will apply to any organisation offering goods or services to, or monitoring the behaviour of, individuals living in the European Union,” Samantha said.

“The Fact Sheet: NSW public sector agencies and the GDPR is aimed at helping NSW public sector agencies in understanding the GDPR and in particular the effect for those NSW public sector agencies that offer goods or services to EU citizens.

“ I hope you find this new fact sheet useful, and I welcome your feedback – please contact the Information and Privacy Commission via free call 1800 472 679 or email us at ipcinfo@ipc.nsw.gov.au.

“I also encourage you to view our current suite of privacy resources, including those for Privacy Awareness Week (7-13 May) on the IPC website,” Samantha said.

Further information to help Australian businesses understand the requirements of the GDPR and how they can comply with Australian and EU privacy laws is available on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website.