Open Government Partnership Consultation - Open by Design


The Open Government Partnership (OGP) has invited comment on several draft concepts, including the Open by Design concept, as a part of the next phase of development for Australia's Third National Action Plan.

The draft concepts have emerged from earlier responses to the online engagement space and a series of public workshops held in February 2020. The draft concepts are not the opinion of the Australian Government.

The Open by Design concept promotes a government-wide commitment to:

  • the accessibility of government-held information through the development of a model law for nationally consistent access to information laws and the proactive release of information commonly sought by members of the Australian community or identified as valuable or necessary for open and accountable government
  • facilitating that access through harnessing technology to promote the proactive release of information regarding government service provision and decision making under contemporary arrangements including technology enhanced decision making and outsourcing arrangements.

Visit the OGP website to read the full concept and to provide your feedback. The public is invited to comment for two weeks from Monday 13 July 2020.

At the conclusion of the public comment period, working groups comprised of Open Government Forum members and other government, civil society and citizen experts will convene to shape draft concepts into draft commitments for consideration as part of the draft Third National Action Plan.

Future opportunities for public review and input into the draft Plan will be made available on the OGP website in September 2020.