Week five wraps up Privacy Awareness Month and looks to a healthy future for privacy

Week five brings PAM celebrations to a close. This week we take the time to reflect on privacy and strive to create a healthy future for our privacy.

2017 has been marked by announcements of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, facial recognition software, the internet of things and so much more. With reports of privacy breaches in public arena, we are reminded that the NSW community cannot forget their privacy rights, and that privacy is a prevailing area of discussion, especially with the advent of new and evolving technology. PAM has afforded the NSW community the opportunity to become better informed when it comes to their privacy rights. It reminded organisations of their obligations.

Ethical and legal issues poised by health privacy will be addressed by a panel at the invite-only ‘Privacy Matters’ forum, to be held on 31 May. This event is the third annual ‘Privacy Matters’ forum supported by First State Super. Previous forums have featured authorities such as social demographer Hugh Mackay AO and former Chief Justice, the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG.

For more information on PAM, please go to the PAM 2017 page or contact the Information and Privacy Commission NSW.