Privacy Awareness Month 2017



Privacy Awareness Month - May 2017

A Message from the Commissioner

Privacy Awareness Month (PAM) is an annual initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), of which the NSW Privacy Commissioner is a member. APPA is the principal forum for privacy authorities in the Asia Pacific Region to form partnerships and exchange ideas about privacy regulation, new technologies and the management of privacy enquiries and complaints.

As a part of PAM, the Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner hosts and takes part in a variety of events and activities for individuals, businesses and public sector organisations.

While traditionally Privacy Awareness celebrations have taken place over a week, the event has grown so large in recent years that is has been held throughout the month of May!

This year’s PAM theme for NSW is: How healthy is your privacy? The theme highlights the importance for organisations and individuals to maintain a good understanding of their responsibilities for the handling of personal and health information and their rights under NSW legislation. As technology and legislation evolve, it is vital that organisations and individuals take responsibility and step up to the challenge of taking control of privacy management.

For organisations, the focus must be on building trust with the community by having sound privacy practices in place from the outset, with the aim to safeguarding people’s personal and health information and adopting a ‘privacy by design’ approach.

For individuals, it means understanding the reality of ‘digital eternity’ and acting responsibly and ‘share with care’ when it comes to others’ personal and health details. 

Getting involved in 2017

Each year the Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner, in conjunction with key stakeholders, hosts and participates in a number of events, and this year is no different.

For more information on upcoming events or to have your event added to the calendar, check out our events page!

For information on getting involved, click here. 

Privacy for Organisations

The Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner has developed a number of resources to assist organisations in complying with their duties under the laws along with tips and hints on how to celebrate privacy awareness in the workplace.

Click here for more information and resources for organisations.

Privacy for the Public

Privacy has never been more relevant than it is in this technological age, where we share, tweet and post status updates about our lives frequently without forethought of the consequences.

The Office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner has created a number of info sheets, hint pages, and animations to ensure you share with care.

Click here to learn more.