Privacy Awareness Week 2018 Champion Pack


Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is aimed at increasing awareness among NSW agencies of their obligations to protect personal information. This year, NSW marks PAW from 7 to 13 May 2018, focusing on the role data plays as an enabler for improving the development, planning and delivery of NSW government services – when the right privacy protections are in place.



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Privacy Awareness Week is a great opportunity to spread the privacy message in your workplace. Some of the more challenging privacy issues in the coming year will involve those that relate to new technology. The key will be ensuring that the benefits of new technology, data sharing and analysis can be achieved while, at the same time, safeguarding the privacy rights of individuals. Thank you for being a 2018 Privacy Awareness Week Champion, and helping spread the word about the importance of privacy in your organisation.

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Privacy in the Digital Age

This year the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) is encouraging all public sector agencies and organisations to spread the message of the importance of privacy by getting involved as a PAW Champion.

The campaign is a great opportunity to highlight your organisation’s commitment to privacy and health protection principles.

Becoming a PAW Champion is EASY and it’s FREE.

Privacy Awareness Week encourages your organisation to protect and respect the personal information that is collected and used in the delivery of government services.

  • Better use of data is a great opportunity for improving government services
  • Privacy is a valuable asset and should be carefully handled
  • NSW Privacy legislation safeguards the privacy rights of individuals
  • Privacy is an enabler of data sharing

We all have a role to play

Leaders play a critical role in creating the culture and embedding the systems and processes to support good privacy practice. If you collect, store, collect, store, use or disclose personal or health information – be privacy aware!


Being a Privacy Awareness ‘Champion’ means:

  • Supporting PAW and privacy messages during the campaign in the manner best suited to your organisation.
  • Building stakeholder trust and confidence in your organisation’s commitment to privacy protection principles.
  • Increasing awareness of privacy rights that may lead to a decrease in privacy breaches and complaints.
  • Encouraging people in your organisation to:
    • Read your Privacy Management Plan
    • Review your privacy e-learning modules or access IPC modules available at
    • Run privacy issues past your Privacy Contact Officer - Access the range of IPC privacy resources at



  • We will display your logo on the IPC’s dedicated PAW 2018 web page
  • We will acknowledge you on the IPC’s official Twitter account wherever possible
  • Your agency will receive a letter of thanks.


To help you spread the PAW message, the IPC provides you with a range of free resources to promote to your internal and external stakeholders at

These include:

  1. PAW logo and PAW Champion logo
  2. e-Banner
  3. A4 and A3 posters (digital)
  4. Fact sheets (digital).


  • PAW logo and PAW Champion logo
    • Display on your website and/or on any printed material during your PAW activities
  • PAW e-Banner
    • Display on your website or use as newsletter header
  • PAW Posters
    • Print and display around your office, public notice board and at any events you may hold during PAW 2018
  • Fact Sheets
    • Upload, link and/or print if you have a public enquiry counter/ notice board
  • Website Content
    • Publish PAW news items on your website and share them via your events and other communications channels
  • Internal Communications
    • Incorporate privacy messages into your internal communications, encouraging your people to increase their understanding of their privacy obligations
  • Join the discussion on social media
    • Post your own PAW messages using the official PAW hashtag #2018PAW and #privacy

And remember… you decide the level of activity best suited to your organisation, so feel free to pick and choose.


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Connect with IPC

Register via email at and be recognised as an official Privacy Awareness Week Champion.