Privacy for the Public

Privacy has never been more relevant than it is in this technological age, where we are taught to share, tweet and post status updates about our whole lives without forethought of the consequences. 

With the media frequently running stories on people experiencing privacy issues when using social media; grooming scams, revenge porn and hacking to name a few - we urge you to take this time to remember your privacy manners.

Think before you post, ask before you upload and remember if you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it in cyberspace! 

The office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner has created a number of info sheets, hint pages and an online quiz to ensure you are sharing responsibly.

PAM: Privacy Manners
Info sheet
Privacy Awareness Month
Info sheet
PAM: Privacy for the Future
Info sheet
Privacy Manners info sheet PAM 2016
PAM Info sheet
Privacy for future info sheet PAM 2016
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Privacy and You:
Online Checklist
Screensaver Privacy and You:
Privacy and You online checklist PAM 2016
PAM2016 Screensaver
Privacy and you

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Privacy Manners:

Privacy Awareness Month:
Privacy for the Future:
privacy manners
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privacy for the future
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