Privacy tips for Teens

Remember that your identity online can affect your real life too.
When you put your personal information online, do you know who’s looking at it and what they might do with it?
  • Your classmates
  • Your teachers
  • Your parents
  • Future employers
  • Criminals.
Your online behaviour isn’t confined to the internet. Careless online behaviour could have serious consequences in real life:
  • Your ‘small’ party gets crashed by strangers
  • Your photos are used inappropriately or offensively
  • You don’t get that job
  • Your identity gets stolen.
Make sure you think twice about what you put online by:
  • Restricting the people who can see your information
  • Being aware that some of your friends will share what you post
  • Changing your passwords regularly and keep them secure
  • Making sure you use privacy settings to protect yourself.
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