Report on the operation of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009: 2015 - 2016

View the full report or download it here Report - Report on the GIPA Act 2015-16

The NSW Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd, has released a report on the operation of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) for 2015–2016, which has been tabled in Parliament.

Under section 37 of the Government Information (Information Commissioner) Act 2009 (GIIC Act), the Information Commissioner is required to provide Parliament with an annual report on the operation of the GIPA Act. 

The Report examines the performance of over 200 government agencies, provides important guidance to policy makers and agency heads, and promotes greater transparency for the NSW community.

The Report indicates that practices across all sectors regulated by the GIPA Act vary, and there are both positive trends and some issues for agencies and the IPC to address in order to realise the objects of the GIPA Act in advancing an open, accountable and fair democratic system of government.

Future Focus and Priorities

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Priority 2

Resources for agencies
Custodianship and access to GIPA data

The GIPA Tool provides functionality for agencies to create and manage their GIPA applications and is provided by the IPC to support agencies to comply with the GIPA Act. Agencies can add, edit and search GIPA applications and view dashboards and reports. The GIPA Tool also enables agencies to submit their annual GIPA data to the Information Commissioner in order to assist in their reporting obligations. This data is subsequently used in the production of the Information Commissioner’s yearly report on the operation of the GIPA Act.

Agencies have custodianship and control over the data entered by them into the GIPA Tool. Agency officers are responsible for the reliability and quality of the data in the GIPA Tool.

Requests to access case management data in the GIPA Tool should be made directly to the agency for which data is sought. Information on how to make such a request should be available on the agency’s ‘right to information’ webpage. The IPC does not hold agency case management data.

Agency annual GIPA report data is available in the relevant agency’s corporate annual report, which is usually accessible via the agency website. The GIPA data underlying the Information Commissioner’s Report is available in xlsx format and accessible on the IPC’s webpage here.