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This month, the IPC celebrates Multicultural March 2024, celebrating the enormous contribution made my multicultural communities to create a diverse New South Wales.


This month, the IPC celebrates Information Awareness Week 2024, uniting industry practitioners to work towards promoting public awareness of information.


The checklist ensures that sufficient information is submitted for the Information Commissioner to decide on action to take.

The NSW Information Commissioner has issued two information access audits which examine the open access requirements under the GIPA Act...

The Information Commissioner is aware of recent media relating to the publication of development applications for domestic violence refuges by local councils including Wollongong Council.

What is informal release of information?

The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) has published its Annual Report 2022/23 today which documents its work and achievements throughout the 2022/23 reporting period.


The IPC CEO and Information Commissioner has tabled the IPC Annual Report for 2022/23 in NSW Parliament. The Report includes a report of the work of the former NSW Privacy Commissioner for the period.

The Information Commissioner has referred six Councils to the OLG for non-compliance with their mandatory open access requirements under the GIPA Act...