MNDB Scheme resources

Resources for agencies

The IPC has published resources and guidance to support agencies with their responsibilities under the Scheme.

See all privacy resources for agencies.

Resources for citizens

The IPC has prepared guidance for NSW citizens to improve their understanding of the Scheme, their rights and what they can expect under the Scheme.  

See all privacy resources for citizens.

IPC MNDB Bi-monthly e-Newsletter

The IPC provided bi-monthly e-Newsletters to agencies in the lead up to the commencement of the Scheme that included important information and updates. Past editions are available below:

For agencies:

For citizens:

IPC Webinar: Introduction to the Mandatory Notification of Data Breach Scheme - Ensuring your agency is prepared

During the preparation for implementation of the MNDB Scheme, the Privacy Commissioner released a webinar for local councils, universities and agencies. 

The webinar, focused on the basics of the MNDB Scheme, public sector agency obligations under the Scheme and what public sector agencies needed to do to prepare for the implementation of the Scheme.

Other useful guidance

The IPC also has a range of other guidance available to assist agencies in understanding their obligations under the PPIP Act. See all privacy resources for agencies here.