Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2020


Privacy Awareness Week
NSW 2020


PAW 2020 Prevent Detect Protect


About Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2020

Privacy Awareness Week is a global campaign that highlights the importance of privacy and raises awareness for public sector agencies about how to protect the personal information of the people we serve.

This year, Privacy Awareness Week NSW takes place from 4 – 10 May 2020, involving both public sector agencies and citizens in improving understanding and awareness of NSW privacy legislation, and to raise awareness of a person’s privacy rights and agency obligations.

The theme for this year's campaign is Prevent, Detect, Protect. Learn more about the theme below.

Samantha Gavel

The Privacy Commissioner's Welcome to PAW 2020

This Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), we look at ways in which both citizens and agencies Prevent, Detect and Protect privacy in NSW.

As NSW government agencies, we need to be open and upfront with how we collect and how we use people’s information. This is critical to building public trust. Having good privacy practices and taking a privacy-by-design approach to projects will also aid in creating this trust in digital service delivery.

It is also important for citizens to know they have a right to have their personal information protected.

The theme: Prevent, Detect and Protect this year highlights the importance of understanding and awareness of NSW privacy legislation and reiterates citizen privacy rights and agency obligations:

  • Prevent – we are responsible for making sure the right processes are followed and correct procedures are in place for managing people’s personal information.
  • Detect – we need to ensure that security protections, such as passwords and two-factor authentication are sufficient and up-to-date, and agencies are encouraged to notify the Privacy Commissioner of any breaches to citizens' privacy.
  • Protect – we have an obligation to protect citizens’ privacy and help them be aware of and able to exercise their rights under NSW privacy legislation.

The IPC can assist citizens in understanding privacy laws in NSW and provide information on how to protect their rights. Should you require assistance with your obligations or in exercising your rights, we welcome you to get in contact with us at the IPC.

Samantha Gavel
NSW Privacy Commissioner

Privacy Information & Resources

We will be putting together relevant privacy information & resources for members of the public to learn more about how you can prevent theft, stay safe online and protect your privacy. Coming soon.

What's On


Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2020 Public Sector Forum

Date: Tuesday 5 May 2020

Time: 8:30am - 10:35am

Format to be confirmed. 

Audience: Senior public sector leaders including Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries, CEOs, senior representatives from universities, local councils and ministerial offices; NSW public sector agency staff, management and NSW privacy officers and practitioners

As NSW public sector agencies, how we collect and what we do with people’s personal information is critical to building trust in government. We have a responsibility to Prevent, Detect & Protect privacy in NSW. This event will explore identity theft and cyber security initiatives within the NSW government.

This event is for NSW public sector agencies and is by invitation only. For enquiries please contact 

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2020 Champion Program

This year we will again be running the PAW Champion Program. NSW public sector agencies can join as Champions to help spread the PAW message as well as encourage their own agency and work colleagues to get involved and promote citizen rights.

Champions of the Program will receive a pack full of digital and printable resources, as well as written content such as newsletter articles, blog posts, social media posts and more to make promoting the campaign easy. They will also be sent a free PAW NSW 2020 t-shirt.

Agencies will also be acknowledged as a Champion here on the PAW NSW webpage and via the IPC's social media where possible.

PAW 202 Champion Logo - 6 April 2020


Registrations for the PAW 2020 Champion Program are now open.


To sign up, click here or email us at

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