Event: Privacy Awareness Week 2014

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Privacy Awareness Week 2014

Privacy Awareness Week is an annual initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), of which the Information and Privacy Commission NSW is a member. APPA is the principal forum for privacy authorities in the Asia Pacific Region to form partnerships and exchange ideas about privacy regulation, new technologies and the management of privacy enquiries and complaints.


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Mobilise your privacy!

This year, Privacy Awareness Week is about staying safe online, particularly when it comes to your personal information. With the popularity of smartphones and downloading mobile apps on the rise it is important to know how to keep your personal information private.

To help you to protect your privacy, it pays to remember your ABCs of privacy protection:

A – ALWAYS check what information a mobile app is collecting and why
B – BE AWARE of apps that share information online
C – CHECK the reviews before you download a mobile app

Click here for find out more.

Visit our resources below to download a selection of "Mobilise your privacy" posters.

The Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) have also developed some clever tips to follow to safeguard your personal information when using mobile apps. These can be downloaded from the APPA website.

Have you checked your privacy settings lately?

With social media now one of the most popular ways for people to interact online and stay in touch, these days most of us know how to 'like' a picture or comment, 'tweet' our thoughts to followers and 'link in' to colleagues and networks. But how long has it been since you checked out the privacy policies and your privacy settings on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram?

Privacy Awareness Week is great time to make your online privacy a priority. To assist you in protecting your privacy, check out our tips for effective privacy online here.

What are my privacy rights?

NSW privacy legislation has been put in place to protect your privacy rights in NSW by making sure that your personal information is properly collected, stored, used or released by NSW public sector agencies and health service providers.
To find out more about your rights under NSW privacy laws, click here.

Your say: what you said about accessing your personal information

In February 2014, the Information and Privacy Commission NSW commenced a state-wide community survey to find out what the NSW public had to say about privacy, with the focus on accessing personal and health information.

Click here to download the results, and visit our privacy resources for more information on how to access your personal and health information.

...And stay tuned for a range of new resources available later in 2014.

Privacy for parents, kids and teachers

Privacy is something we should care about at every age.

Check out our tips and resources for parents, teens, children and teachers, and visit our resources below to download our brand new Keep your kids safe online – a guide for parents and teachers.

Promote privacy in your workplace

The privacy checklist

Privacy Awareness Week is an opportunity to review your organisation's privacy practices and to design effective privacy processes into new projects and services.

Download our Privacy checklist for NSW public sector agency staff  to assist you and other staff in your organisation in complying with NSW privacy legislation.

Write about it
Consider publishing an article about privacy, or put our Privacy checklist on your organisation's intranet or in the staff newsletter to promote effective privacy practices across the business.

Talk about it
Get people talking and send an email to all staff at the beginning of Privacy Awareness Week explaining the aims of the week and reminding people of their privacy responsibilities. If possible, have your Department Secretary, CEO or agency head distribute this email as a way of showing your organisation's commitment to good privacy practices.

Read about it
Display posters for Privacy Awareness Week around your office and provide privacy materials in your office's staff area. The IPC has a range of resources available to download.

Be privacy savvy
Prepare a log-in screen for your organisation's computers containing messages reminding staff of the importance of privacy.

Privacy in practice
Hold a training session on privacy. This could be a detailed training session or simple information session outlining issues around collection or security of personal information, and the processes to follow when people request access to their personal information. The IPC also has a number of privacy training resources online to support your activities.

Privacy Awareness Week resources

Additional information 

In March 2014 the IPC engaged Woolcott Research & Engagement to undertake an Omnibus Survey to inform resources for the Privacy Awareness Week 2014 campaign. A 'mixed mode' sampling method surveyed 340 people in NSW around the theme of accessing personal information. View the research report here