Please note: The IPC GIPA Tool is only for the use of NSW Government agencies and only NSW Government agency employees can register for an account

A GIPA Tool account is not required to submit a request for information to a NSW government agency. Requests should be lodged with the agency you think is most likely to hold the information. If you would like help submitting a GIPA application please contact the IPC on 1800 472 679 or via

The IPC GIPA Tool is a free cloud based and fully supported internet based application. It assists all agencies and organisations regulated by the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) to comply with the legislation when processing and reporting on government information access applications.

The Information Commissioner strongly encourages all agencies and organisations to use the IPC GIPA Tool to more efficiently manage GIPA applications and meet the requirements of reporting on annual GIPA activities under section 125 of the GIPA Act.

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Note: All NSW public sector agencies are required to submit their annual GIPA data to the IPC by 8 December 2023.

Please contact the IPC directly if you require assistance regarding technical issues, support, or advice about using the IPC GIPA Tool – call 1800 472 679 or email

Custodianship and access to GIPA data

The IPC GIPA Tool provides functionality for agencies to create and manage their GIPA applications and is provided by the IPC to support agencies to comply with the GIPA Act. Agencies can add, edit and search GIPA applications and view dashboards and reports. The GIPA Tool also enables agencies to submit their annual GIPA data to the Information Commissioner in order to assist in their reporting obligations. This data is subsequently used in the production of the Information Commissioner’s annual Report on the operation of the GIPA Act 2009.

Agencies have custodianship and control over the data entered by them into the GIPA Tool. Agency officers are responsible for the reliability and quality of the data in the GIPA Tool.

Requests to access case management data in the GIPA Tool should be made directly to the agency for which data is sought. Information on how to make such a request should be available on the agency’s ‘right to information’ webpage. The IPC does not hold agency case management data.

An agency's annual GIPA report data is available in the relevant agency’s corporate annual report, which is usually accessible via the agency's website. The GIPA data underlying the Information Commissioner’s Report is available in Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) format and accessible on the IPC’s Online GIPA Data page.

Privacy Impact Assessment

In 2016 the IPC conducted a privacy impact assessment of the GIPA Tool. Read the Report - Privacy Impact Assessment of the IPC GIPA Tool August 2016.

The recommendations of the assessment have been considered and addressed as part of further development of the Tool and associated IPC procedures. 

As stipulated in the IPC’s Privacy Policy, the IPC ensures information collected complies with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PPIP Act) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act (HRIP Act).