Information Commissioner's Submissions

On occasion, the Information Commissioner/ IPC CEO may make submissions to Government reviews and inquiries. The following is a list of submissions made by the Commissioner.

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Submissions to parliamentary committees or inquiries are usually privileged until released by the committee and the links below are to the submission as available from the Parliament’s website.

Date Submission
Nov 23 Submission to the Inquiry into the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (VIC)
Oct 23 Submission to the Inquiry into artificial intelligence (AI) in New South Wales
Mar 23 Submission Response to the Privacy Review Act Report
Jul 22 Submission to the Inquiry into conduct of elections in NSW
Jul 22 Submission to the proposed changes to Queensland's Information Privacy and Right to Information Framework
Mar 22 Submission to the Consultation Paper Councillor Conduct Accountability in NSW Local Government
Mar 22 Submission to the Parliament of Victoria's Integrity and Oversight Committee Inquiry review into witness welfare management during integrity agency investigations.
Jan 22 Submission to the Inquiry into the Adequacy of the Funding Allocation of the NSW Electoral Commission for the 2023 State General Election 
Nov 21 Submission to the Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2021
Sep 21 Submission on the NSW Department of Communities and Justice Multicultural Plan 2022-2025
Jun 21 Submission on the proposed changes to NSW Privacy Laws
Apr 21 Submission to the Children's Guardian Regulation 2021
Mar 21 Submission to the Review of the Data Sharing (Government Sector) Act 2015
Feb 21 Submission to NSW Law Reform Commission Open Justice Inquiry
Oct 20 Submission to the Data Availability and Transparency Exposure Draft Bill 2020
Sep 20 Submission to the Inquiry into Cybersecurity
Apr 20 Submission to the Review of the State Records Act 1998
Feb 20 Submission to the Human Rights and Technology Discussion Paper
Dec 19 Submission to the Inquiry into the provisions of the Digital Restart Fund Bill 2019
Aug 19 Submission on Mandatory Notification of Data Breaches by NSW Public Sector Agencies
Aug 19 Submission to Public Consultation - Disclosure of Public Servants' Names and Contact Details
May 19 Submission on the regulation of lobbying, access and undue influence
Oct 18 Submission on the Australian Public Service Framework for Engagement and Participation 
Oct 18 Submission to the Review of National Arrangements for the Protection and Management of Identity Information
Aug 18 Submission on the Consultation on Australian Government Data Sharing and Release Legislation
Jul 18 Submission on the Copyright Modernisation Consultation Paper
May 18 Submission to NSW Fair Trading on the Complaints Register Guidelines Issues Paper
Feb 18 Submission on the Department of Justice Review of the Exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy and Petitions to the Governor for Review of Convictions and Sentences
Mar 2017 Submission to NSW Law Reform Commission on Consultation Paper 18 – Dispute Resolution: Model Provisions
Dec 2016 Submission on the Productivity Commission's Draft Report on Data Availability and Use
Aug 2016 Submission on the NSW Ombudsman's Discussion Paper: The use of external investigators by NSW Government Agencies
Oct 2015 Submission on the Independent Review of the Operation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Act 2013
Sept 2015 Inquiry into remedies for the serious invasion of privacy in New South Wales
Aug 2015 Inquiry into service coordination in communities with high social needs
Aug 2015 Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Review of reporting and compliance burdens on local government
July 2015 Submission to Review of Police Oversight in NSW (#5)
June 2015 Submission into the NSW Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme discussion paper 
Nov 2014 Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Freedom of Information Amendment (New Arrangements) Bill 2014 (#25)
June 2014 Submission to NSW Law Reform Commission on Consultation Paper 16 - Dispute Resolution: Frameworks in New South Wales
Feb 2014 State owned corporations review