Recap: Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2024

This year’s NSW Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 2024 focused on collaboration between stakeholders, including, government agencies and citizens, to collectively create a more responsible and secure digital landscape that balances technological advancements with the preservation of individual privacy rights.

Privacy Awareness Week 2024 activities

Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2024 Live Event: Security in Technology

As part of Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2024, the IPC held a live event on Tuesday 7 May at the NSW State Library.

The Acting NSW Privacy Commissioner, Sonia Minutillo, along with guest speaker, Leah Pinto, explored cybersecurity and the future of technology in privacy protection.

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PAW 2024 Resources




PAW 2024 Champion Program

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This year a total of 129 privacy practitioners joined the PAW Champion Program to support Privacy Awareness Week. The IPC would like to thank Champions for helping spread awareness of citizens’ privacy rights and agencies’ responsibilities under NSW privacy legislation.

Although NSW Privacy Awareness Week 2024 has ended, the importance of protecting privacy does not – it continues all year round.

It’s important to make sure your information is protected by keeping your personal information secure, regularly reviewing your privacy settings online and reporting any privacy breaches to the relevant NSW agency.

The IPC can help you understand privacy laws in NSW and give you information on how to protect your personal information and access your rights. Learn more in our privacy resources for citizens.